Casa V


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The “Casa V project is a house in the countryside designed to enjoy and respect its surroundings,” explains the architect Esteban Sepúlveda of Xamploo.

The home is divided into two main volumes – private and public. The first one houses three bedrooms on two levels, while the program of the second, arranged on one floor with a significantly high ceiling, includes the kitchen, dining, and living spaces as well as the terrace that links both together with a garden in between. Immediately striking in the interiors are the generous spatial arrangement and the ample daylight let in through numerous openings, which entirely overtake some of the house’s walls. “Every space has natural light, ventilation, and contact with nature, with large glass doors and windows, exploring the boundary of insider and outsider,” remarks the architect.


The complex shape he envisioned is quite novel.

The subtle play of dynamic lines and curves in the structure results in an original residence with a view. Surrounded by lush greenery, the volume interacts with the landscape, just as the two interconnected parts also interact with each other.
Minimizing the impact in the natural surroundings was the architect’s guiding principle. As the house rises from the terrain, to keep both insects and humidity outside, it also allows the groundwater, vegetation, and living creatures to move across the plot uninterrupted.


Agata Toromanoff
Braun Publishing AG
1st edition 2021

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Arquitectura, Residencial / Casa


San Simón el Alto, Valle de Bravo
Estado de México, México
Líder de Proyecto
Esteban Sepúlveda
Mónica Cárdenas
Viviana Flores
Karina Gómez
Cecilia Hernández
Anais Maciel
Camila Cossio