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The range of ideas flow from emotions through functions. How can these two edges meet or what options do we have to melt them? How to succeed where the greatest Alchemists have lost themselves?

Dichotomy seems natural at this point, but deep down, maybe 9ft under or even below that, we all got the urge to figure out a different truth. Absolute words such as: Transcendent, perpetuity or eternity appear before us powerless and shallow due to the question that remains: What can I do? and the answer has not changed yet: Nothing. Nothing might be the real truth, a void, a space who awaits intervention.

Nothing is what we all were before being born and nothing is holding us together.


These approaches suspended in a cloud of desires make the perfect combination for a big Storm, the Storm shall bring only what water can do best: Life, life in a form of Forest that no man has ever dreamed before, where light and landscape are the result of human envelope management, some of them designated to glow and others to grow, because every seed is a soul, and every soul is love, this is a Soul Forest.

#LightingTheWay #SustainableDeath #DeathForestation #SoulForest #DyingAnime

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Concurso, Idea, Urbanismo, Cementerio / Muerte


Planeta Tierra
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Samuel Aguilar
Ernesto Falabella
Marco Rosas
Esteban Sepúlveda


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