Bosque Azul


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At the top of an inclined lot enclosed by a forest of pine trees sits a row of five bi-level houses whose lateral walls are designed to ensure the privacy of the individuals inside.

Sized approximately 500 square meters each, these getaway houses are primarily constructed out of wood sourced from the property and adobe bricks made from the dirt dug out of the foundation holes. Each of the houses faces a communal garden consisting of unkempt wild grounds ideal for recreation, and whose inclined position encourages runoff water to flow towards the Valle de Bravo lake. The main feature of the houses is a partially covered glass terrace with horizontal beams whose prominent size allows for many people to be outside despite the rainy climate.

The heart of each home is the centrally located kitchen, which overlooks the interior garden and has a sliding door separating it from the living and dining room.

On the second floor is a spacious master bedroom that shares the same garden view as the terrace; two children’s rooms large enough to accommodate multiple beds for sleepovers, and a guest room. Each of the bedrooms includes its own bathroom and balcony, and, as is the case with the rest of the house, is awash in natural light and cross ventilation. On the bottom level, below the terrace, is a three-car garage with a storage area and service room.

These currently unbuilt houses are covered by a gently sloping roof that allows for rainwater harvesting, with water being collected in underground cisterns and pumped back into the bathrooms. That water is then recycled back into the land, fertilizing the vegetation and allowing it to thrive. Thanks to the elevated position of the houses, access to the valley is unhindered and the view is always beautiful.


Nili Blanck

Datos +

Idea, Arquitectura, Residencial / Casa / Conjunto


Avándaro, Valle de Bravo
Estado de México, México
Líder de Proyecto
Esteban Sepúlveda
Enrique Reyes Retana
Jimena Sepúlveda
Ater Studio